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As the caretaker of a pool, how are you supposed to know how much chemicals to add to your pool? Most pool test kits come supplied with booklets, including charts to find adjustment criteria so that you are knowledgeable on what and how much chemicals to add to your pool. If you are lacking a booklet that supplies this criterion, the chemical that you are adding to your pool typically gives dosage recommendations. There are also apps such as “Insta-Link Water Testing” apps, this app use special strips and takes a photo of the test strip,

From time to time we get calls to resurface swimming pools with various coatings. I have seen all kinds of gimmick surfaces installed to vinyl pools and concrete/ gunite inground pools. Two of the biggest problem pool interiors are the Fiberglass Coatings t. Some come with a mat and some come with just resin. I have seen people sell these coatings  and install them in Vinyl Liner pools above and below ground and in ground swimming pools. This is not recommended and it is usually installed by the fly by night companies offering a lifetime

In ground swimming pool areas with high water tables and heavy rain events, the water pressure under the pool can actually cause the liner to float. When this occurs, the liner looks like it’s actually inflated, and feels like a water bed when walking on it.  You can also see wrinkles in the floor that were not there before on small events. In most cases this incident does not damage the liner, but it normally results in wrinkles in the liner after the ground water recedes and the liner falls back into place. Solution To fix the ground water issue Install a dewatering system around the pool that will

What chemicals should you test your pool for regularly?   There are four main tests you should perform with a test kit. These tests include pH, chlorine, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness. Cyanuric Acid levels should be tested for on outdoor pools which use chlorine.   How often should you test the water?   Every day is considered high maintenance for the typical pool owner. Commercial pools are required to check the chlorine levels hourly, however, homeowners should strive to check their pools chemical levels as often as 2-3 times per week. If the pH level has changed since your last

From The National Plaster Councils FAX Cracking has occurred in my in ground swimming pool’s plaster. Why did this happen and how can it be remedied? There is more than one reason why an interior finish could be cracking. First, you need to diagnose which type of cracking has occurred. Closed shrinkage cracks, open shrinkage cracks, and structural movement cracks are each unique, in terms of the cause and remedy. Each type of cracking is defined in the NPC 9thEdition Technical Manual. (Some sections that deal with cracking are given below)   New installations and drained pools: A common

How to report unlicensed activity to the DBPR The state of Florida requires a license; you can confirm licenses at Non-licensed contractors performing work which requires a license can be reported to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation   Call the DBPR’s toll-free hotline 866-532-1440 or e-mail (report is forwarded to local office / investigator). A list of regulation offices can be found at Download the DBPR app to make reports quickly and easily. Licenses   There are four swimming pool contractor licenses. More detailed descriptions can be found here. Commercial pool/spa contractor: They can repair, build/install and service residential and commercial

When you hear the word salt water you immediately think of the Florida ocean. However, pools can also have salt water, and they offer a variety of benefits. When investing in a pool it is important to weigh the pros and cons of saltwater pools vs. chlorine pools to decide what is best for you.   A difference worth noting for saltwater pools is the number of reduced chloramines contained in the water. Chloramine is a by-product of oxidation and is the main cause for eye irritation, as well as that pungent chlorine scent we are all

Florida is known as the “Sunshine State”, however, when temperatures begin to lower from December on we do experience colder temperatures. Today I am going to inform you what steps you need to take to ensure your pool is properly taken care of, as well as tips to make sure you get the most use out of your pool.     Clean your pool as usual   Clean the filter of your pool and continue to vacuum it as normal, although you begin to use your pool less frequently in colder months, it is still important to continue