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Paver Sealers For Pool Decks

There are many paver sealing systems in place today you can use. Family Pools uses the rite sealer for the job. There are times one product can be used and another product can not be used. For example. If you have a paver or travertine deck laid on top of concrete you will not use a solvent based sealer. Moisture will get trapped on top of the concrete and will not be able to breathe . You will see a white haze on these decks when the wrong product is used. Instead we use a two component water base sealer that breathes. If for some reason someone has installed the wrong sealer we can strip your existing product off and apply the right one.


If you have pavers or natural stone / Travertine pavers laid on setting materials such as paver sand or screenings we can use a solvent based sealer.


In all cases we ad a non skid additive on pool decks such as shark grip.


Please feel free to call us to evaluate your concrete paver or natural stone swimming pool patio needs. We handle it all in house by our employees.