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The swimming pool design and back yard deck types have changed over the years. I have seen a lot of changes in the industry. The original pool deck was either broom finished concrete or some type of wood decking. The concrete deck went from broom texture to fancy designs cut in with stencil tools to broom stipple and rock salt pock hole textures. The next wave of pool deck selections was the introduction of Kool Deck. Kool Deck is compromised from ground marble , white cement, and color. It could be installed with various texture

There will be times when customers see this form in their mailbox. Its customary for material suppliers, workers and sub contractors to send them out to the home owners. The reason for this is because the homeowner is not in privity with these people. It is basically saying ,”You don’t know me . I supplied labor or materials to your property. If I do not get paid I can place a lien on your property”. As the pool company it is illegal for us to ask them to not send them. They do not mean

I have been in the In Ground Pool business for years in all aspects of the projects from bidding to completion of projects.I do follow up with leads and get allot of feedback on pricing and sales performance. I understand because it’s tough from a consumer’s standpoint to know who is telling you the truth when you have Swimming Pool Companies at you residence.   Let’s start with the first aspect of comparing prices.The most important is the company. Does the pool company you are looking at do business from their home? Do they have staff that

I  want to explain a little about the interior surface choices available for in ground swimming pool restoration . (pool Plaster). Our company likes to offer all choices of pool surfaces available rather than just assume you want the less expensive choice. When we offer you the choice we do not care which one you choose but want you to make an informed decision. The first choice we offer is the standard exposed aggregate line. This product line includes the brand names such as Diamond Brite, Florida Stucco(Florida Gem), Premix Marbletite Marquis Series and CLI Krystalkrete.