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In-House Design & Construction Since 1980

Deck Renovation

Family Pools will take care of your deck renovation with ease.

Established in 1980 by Frank Russo, Family Pools, Inc. has the experience & commitment to give your pool & deck area the custom look you desire. We are family owned & operated. Our company and all its affiliates are fully licensed & insured as required by the State of Florida & all counties we provide services in. We stand behind our lifetime, 5, 10 & 20 year manufacturer’s warranties on our products & services. Family Pools, Inc. has diligently worked for many years providing exceptional customer service & breathtaking remodels & renovations having earned the reputation of being #1 in the industry.


We start by evaluating your existing deck surface and make a recommendations for structural integrity.  Family Pools has the proper pumping equipment to fill any voids under existing concrete decks.


There are various products out there for doing crack repairs once the deck is stabilized. We generally use a Urethane product that stretches with the existing deck during expansion and contraction cycles.  Bear in mind that most slab cracks could occur again in future coatings. To prevent these cracks from reappearing, we will provide maintenance suggestions as well.  We will give you Good-Better-Best options, so you can confidently make a decision.

Floating Decks

Swimming Pool Floating decks are basically sand set concrete or marble pavers. The system requires an installation of a pool coping piece that extends around the swimming pool and is cemented down. The coping comes in many shapes and sizes to suite various deck profiles. We recommend that we install new deck drains at this point if needed. We offer many products to choose from and will make recommendations depending on our site evaluation.  Some of the brands we offer are Artistic Pavers, US Paverscape, Olympic Stone and Marble, Marble, Concrete Pavers, Precast Stone, and Old Castle.


We value our customers’ satisfaction and safety. We take great pride in providing the best quality, care, and service in our industry. With the Family Pools Family on every job, we guarantee that every remodel job will be high quality, personally handled, and reasonably priced.


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