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Swimming Pool Resurface Layers – Be Smart

The key to any lasting project that involved applying a coating would be proper prepared foundation. This is true for the swimming pool plaster application resurface job. It would be impossible to determine what condition of the existing surface looks like from the view of the deck and the swimming pool filled with water and how many times its been resurfaced without removal of the prior layers.


For this reason our team includes a set amount of prep work included. Unless otherwise noted.  We can get a better grasp of the condition of your existing pool structure when emptied. General rule of thumb is we can resurface the pool no more than twice. The original coat and one additional. The third time we have to chip out the entire pool surface and start over with a first cote again.  Please feel free to call us for your free estimate on swimming pool surfaces such as Diamond Brite , Wet-Edge, Pebble Tec, Florida Stucco, Premix Marbletite , and CLI Industries.