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Pool Chemical Testing

What chemicals should you test your pool for regularly?


There are four main tests you should perform with a test kit. These tests include pH, chlorine, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness. Cyanuric Acid levels should be tested for on outdoor pools which use chlorine.


How often should you test the water?


Every day is considered high maintenance for the typical pool owner. Commercial pools are required to check the chlorine levels hourly, however, homeowners should strive to check their pools chemical levels as often as 2-3 times per week. If the pH level has changed since your last check, check the TA level (Total Alkalinity), these tend to fluctuate less than other levels so checking this weekly is perfectly fine. Calcium Hardness and Cyanuric acid levels are slower to change, so monthly testing is recommended. Saltwater pools can be tested for salt with a salt test strip.