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Fiberglass and Epoxy Pool Coatings

From time to time we get calls to resurface swimming pools with various coatings. I have seen all kinds of gimmick surfaces installed to vinyl pools and concrete/ gunite inground pools. Two of the biggest problem pool interiors are the Fiberglass Coatings t. Some come with a mat and some come with just resin. I have seen people sell these coatings  and install them in Vinyl Liner pools above and below ground and in ground swimming pools. This is not recommended and it is usually installed by the fly by night companies offering a lifetime warranty knowing they will never be around to service. They have to be removed in their entirety and replaced with the proper materials. Vinyl for Vinyl Lined pool and Pool Plaster for concrete pools.


Fiberglass Pools have to be resurfaced with resin based compatible materials. We do not get into resurfacing actual Fiberglass pools but I have seen people with gunite / concrete pools call their pools fiberglass because of the coating on them so feel free to have us evaluate your pool because we may be able to help you if you have a coated concrete pool.