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Pool Renovation

Do you already have a pool that is not what you want it to be? Do you need to transform your pool in time for all type of occasions?

We specialize in complete structural renovation and custom pool and deck remodeling. We get pool renovation done right the first time, just the way you want it, without hassle or stress. If your pool leaks we provide leak detection services. No one wants a leaky pool.

Family Pools Inc is known as very reliable when it comes to pool  renovation, you can be certain that we will pay attention to every detail to boost the attractiveness of your pool and property.

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Whatever your pool or needs – a new interior pool plaster surface, new tile, new plumbing and circulation lines,  play features, major structural crack repairs – Family Pool Inc provide the expertise. We will take the time to explain your options and available products to make your backyard the way you want it.

Family Pools will evaluate your existing pool surface and make a determination of the necessary preparations needed to resurface your pool depending on visual signs that we recognize from experience. The pool surface may need to be sand blasted or chipped out completely if it is determined to not be of sound condition to apply a plaster coating. This can effect the price of the project because of the extra labor and material required. We will evaluate the condition of the tile and grout. We may advise you that your pool needs to have new grout applied. If the tile is in poor condition we would suggest that it is time to replace the tile at this point. We will ask you if your pool leaks. If the answer is yes then we will suggest you let us do a leak detection prior to draining the pool. Finding the leak and resolving the problem ahead of time before the project commences is required.The swimming pool surface may be your cause of the water leaking but you don’t want to install a new pool surface and find out later that the pool leak is in an area that requires us to now jack hammer a hole in the new pool surface to fix the leak. We will discuss your pool plaster surface choices at this point. We will take great care explaining the product line and warranty terms for each product. Look in our Products section for more information of surface choices.

Once you made all of your choices it will be time to start the pool resurface job. Family Pools has pool popping insurance. This is very important item to have when a swimming pool company drains your pool. Family Pools is versed in the process of relieving the hydrostatic water pressure that is under your pool. Look in your folder with your contract for your policy. Once the pool is drained we will proceed with all preparations needed to apply the new surface then apply the surface to manufacture standards. Family Pools will never mix plaster in your pool with a drill and whip or we will not mix the pool plaster in your yard with a portable mixer and wheel it to your pool. We only use specialized pool plastering trucks that mix the material on the truck and pump it to the pool. This is important because we can spray two coats on at the proper thickness. Once the plaster is applied we will expose it properly so it looks like the sample before we leave. We will start the water in the pool so it can fill. Once it is filled we can then add the necessary starting chemical.  Please call or e-mail us with questions or requests for free estimates. Our finance application is located in our contact page.

Vinyl Liner

Family Pools Inc. installs liners in existing swimming pools. We take care of the process from start to finish. Measuring the liner to installing the vinyl liner. We use the proper gaskets needed to do the job and install new ladder bumpers. Its impossible to determine if there are latent defects in the existing pool structure such as rusted wall panels, vermiculite floor damaged, wall sections shifted, and many other hidden items that the liner covers. Sometimes there can be extra charges to fix items that are unforeseen by us at the time of the estimate. Family Pools Inc. also can convert your vinyl liner pool into a concrete swimming pool if you like. We have done many of these vinyl liner conversions in the past and can guide you in the right direction.

A word on liner thickness. There is a misconception that the thicker the mill a liner the longer it will last. This is not always true. The thicker 27mill vinyl liners are designed for sand bottom floors. They help the puncture ability of the material when the bottom is soft. If the floor is a Vermiculite or concrete then 19 or 20 mill will do the trick. The 27 mill liner is more expensive and not needed in some cases. All thickness liners last the same amount of time in the water. The mill has no bearing on the ability for a liner to handle its biggest enemy.”Chlorine” Chlorine introduction can kill liners. I can’t tell you how many times I walk up to an old liner and see it bleached out. I always advise my customers to add a chemical feeder and turn it to the lowest setting. Never dump chlorine from the jug into a vinyl liner swimming pool. The liner will not last long if you do that. Salt Chlorine Generators are real additions to a liner pool. If you have one added to the pool it will save your liner from getting bleached out quickly. One word of caution here. I really don’t recommend adding the salt system to a liner pool with steel walls unless they are primed before hand. Most of the liner pools in my service area have fiberglass walls. Call Family Pools Inc. for your free evaluation and liner quote or use our contact page.