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Wet-Edge Promotion for Resurface of Swimming Pools

For the fall season we are offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty on Wet-Edge Pebble from the manufacture for new customers only. Wet-Edge can be used in new construction and Resurface swimming pool projects. This promotion hasn’t been offered in 4 years and is a must have . Wet-Edge Swimming Pool surfaces are the best in the industry. They are smooth and stain resistant.

Family Pools Inc can resurface your swimming pool along with your pool deck at the same time. We will coordinate the process for you so you can focus on your life. Take advantage of our special limited promotion by contacting us at the link below.

swimming pool with pebble

We have specialty line called the “Palm Beach Series” available for one month only. This is usually only available to a select architects and builders on Palm Beach Island. Ask us for samples when you see our sales team.

Family Pools Inc has utilized the best materials and acquired a great team to make your back yard the best it can be. Please do not hesitate to contact us to Resurface your swimming pool or pool deck.

Testimonial from Debbie M.

Fresno, CA

Pool Finish:  New Zealand Tropical

“I was so impressed with the crew that came out to install the Satin Matrix in our pool. They were so professional. Before they started they covered my deck and landscaping around the pool with plastic so to keep them clean. They worked so hard and did such a wonderful job. The pebble surface is flawless. I would refer this product to anyone that is re-doing a pool.””

Swimming Pool Plaster Resurface – With Pebble Myths

I get a lot of questions after quoting a pebble interior (Wet-Edge) product for the Swimming Pool Plaster Resurface. Potential customers will ask their friends or neighbors about pebble and they will sometimes tell them it’s rough. I want to briefly explain the differences between Wet-Edge Pebble and other pebble interiors. Mostly because we sometimes get too technical with the customer and they can’t remember everything.

The Wet-Edge pebble is smoother than the standard exposed aggregate swimming pool interiors because of the round aggregate that its composed of and the type of installation. The installation process includes a strict compaction and pressure wash while they are still troweling the material that yields a smooth surface with very little cement product at the surface. It is far stronger and smooth but yet slip resistance. The standard pool interiors such as “Diamond Brite”, Florida Gem”, and Premix Marbletite Marquis” are all rough aggregate. The same stuff sand paper is made of.

Your friends have seen inferior pebble products that are less expensive. This is why they do not understand what we are offering. We suggest you actually visit some of our completed pools. We have a lot of the Wet-Edge installed in Municipality public swimming pools that you can easily visit. There are many products out that have rough aggregate that are called pebble. They are not installed by factory certified applicators / vested territory franchise holders for Wet-Edge. This means most other pebble products were slapped on with rougher rock. We use only the best applicator using the best material. This is important because you are getting a quality job. Please do not hesitate to call us and utilize our expertise at your home for Swimming Pool Plaster Resurface

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Examples Below

Wet-Edge Prism Matrix – Eclipse
Wet-Edge Prism Matrix- Indigo Blue

Commercial Pool Equipment

Family Pools Inc can upgrade your municipality or HOA swimming pools equipment. We offer state of the art equipment options including Industrial sand filters, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), pumps, chemical delivery systems, heaters, chillers, and monitoring. We have completed thousands of these types of projects . We are bondable and work with aquatic facility directors .

Your aquatic facility can have us direct you on product choices. We also offer consultation services. In some cases we can save you a lot of money in electric costs. Most aquatic facilities are good at the day to day operations but do not know the building codes. There is more than likely a municipality pool in your area we completed that we can send you to as a reference.

We Offer many VFD Drives and here are some benefits.

The Acu Drive XS™ offers built-in intelligence for increased performance in all aquatic pump applications. Specified to save energy, space, costs and time, the Acu Drive XS offers very fast return on investment. The Acu Drive allows the pump to run at its most effiecient point on the curve. Preventative maintenance costs will drop due to motor protection, motor soft start, and a significant decrease in water hammer protecting the shaft and impeller. Up to an additional 5% savings due to the Acu Drive’s ability to balance power phase and harmonic suppression. Built with powerful standard and optional features specifically designed for energy optimization, the Acu Drive is perfectly matched with the full line of Pentair Water Commercial Pool and Aquatics’ pumps.

  • Save up to 60% or more on pump’s electricity usage
  • “Right-size” your pump to the exact flow required
  • Saves energy with constant flow as the filters gets dirty (with optional flow sensor)
  • Off-hour flow management capability
  • Does not blow corrosive filter-room air across the circuitry
  • High efficiency up to 98% – adjusts drive input voltage for best efficiency point
  • Eliminates need for motor starters
  • Integrated disconnects, fusing and optional bypasses
  • 2-step ramps (Soft Start Feature)
  • Real-time clock for time based functions
  • Overload trip protection protects motor and Acu Drive from Voltage Spikes and phase unbalance
  • Can connect to an IntelliTouch system
  • Up to a 6 year on-site warranty available
  • Start-up included with every drive (technical training option available)
  • Indoor & Outdoor-rated enclosures
  • One drive type for the full power range
  • For use with 3 phase pumps only

Swimming Pool Surface Warranties or Warranties in General

A few words about swimming pool surface warranties. A lifetime warranty is not a guarantee . I see some of my potential customers tell me that someone else gave them a lifetime warranty on their proposal. You may or may not realize that means nothing. Its unrealistic to expect a swimming pool interior surface to last forever. Case law in Florida determined that a lifetime is 7 years for swimming pools surfaces. Those warranties are sales tactics for the naive and cover only defects in materials and not the life of the swimming pool surface. Its common practice for the manufacturer’s to void them for just a small variation in chemical balance.

Do your home work and hire a contractor with a track record of successfully completing pool projects and many larger Municipality jobs that fly by night companies can not bid because they are not bondable. We at Family Pools have been doing projects for over 30 years now and back our projects with our reputation, blood , and sweat. We give out the paper warranties also but we will be here for the long haul and answer our phone with any warranty calls.

Splash Pads

What is a Splash Pad / Splash Park?

Splash pads are safe, affordable, recreational, zero-depth water attractions that can be installed anywhere including residential backyards, child care facilities (day cares, preschools, summer camps, church camps, etc.), RV parks / campgrounds, HOA community parks, apartment multi-family complexes, hotels, destination resorts, amusement parks, city parks, and more. Splash pads will typically consist of multiple spray jets, and/or above ground spray features. A splash pad can operate on a fresh water system, a grey water system, or a recirculation system.

Family Pools Inc can design and install splash pads for you. WE currently do residential and Commercial applications. People do not know how to swim to use splash pads. You do not need ADA access to splash pads because they are ground level. We have splash pads you can install in areas without bathroom facilities for the parks that do not have them. We install Rain Drop Interactive Products that are used in Parks worldWide.

Please Feel free to call or Email us for a quote.

Paver Sealers For Pool Decks

There are many paver sealing systems in place today you can use. Family Pools uses the rite sealer for the job. There are times one product can be used and another product can not be used. For example. If you have a paver or travertine deck laid on top of concrete you will not use a solvent based sealer. Moisture will get trapped on top of the concrete and will not be able to breathe . You will see a white haze on these decks when the wrong product is used. Instead we use a two component water base sealer that breathes. If for some reason someone has installed the wrong sealer we can strip your existing product off and apply the right one.

If you have pavers or natural stone / Travertine pavers laid on setting materials such as paver sand or screenings we can use a solvent based sealer.

In all cases we ad a non skid additive on pool decks such as shark grip.

Please feel free to call us to evaluate your concrete paver or natural stone swimming pool patio needs. We handle it all in house by our employees.

ADA Handicap Lifts For HOA

HOA and condominium association swimming pools. ADA access for swimming Pools.

Section 242 of the new ADA Standards for Accessible Design applies to swimming pools, wading pools, spas and provides as follows:

242.1 General. Swimming pools, wading pools and spas shall comply with 242.

242.2 Swimming Pools. At least two accessible means of entry shall be provided for swimming pools. Accessible means of entry shall be swimming pool lifts complying with 1009.2; sloped entries complying with 1009.3; transfer walls complying with 1009.4; transfer systems complying with 1009.5; and pool stairs complying with 1009.6. At least one accessible means of entry shall comply with 1009.2 or 1009.3.

Whether or not a HOA falls under the new pool accessibility mandates of the ADA, depends upon whether or not the HOA’s pool facility is considered a place of “public accommodation.” Title III of the ADA defines “public accommodation” as a facility whose operations affect commerce and fall within one of 12 specified categories in the ADA. To determine if the HOA’s swimming pool falls within the ADA “public accommodation” guidelines:

  1. If an association’s swimming pool facility is only opened to residents of the association and their guests, the association is not required to comply with the ADA pool accessibility standards.
  1. If an association sells memberships to members of the public to utilize the association’s swimming pool facility, the association must comply with the ADA pool accessibility standards.
  2. If an association rents out the pool facility to members of the public, the association must comply with the ADA pool accessibility standards.
  1. If an HOA permits the pool facility to be used for swim meets or other public events without requiring the facility to be rented or without receiving any monetary gain, applicability of the ADA is less clear. If your association falls within this category, you should consult with legal counsel to determine whether the ADA pool accessibility standards apply to your community.
  1. If an association is a timeshare community, the ADA pool accessibility standards may well apply to these associations. According to the ADA Title III Technical Assistance Manual, primary determining factors include if the association allows for short term ownership interests similar to a hotel stay.


  1. Where a swimming pool has less than 300 linear feet of swimming pool wall, no more than one accessible means of entry shall be required provided that the accessible means of entry is a swimming pool lift complying with 1009.2 or sloped entry complying with 1009.3.

Advisory 242.2 Swimming Pools Exception 1: Pool walls at diving areas and areas along pool walls where there is no pool entry because of landscaping or adjacent structures are to be counted when determining the number of accessible means of entry required.

  1. Wave action pools, and other pools where user access is limited to one area shall not be required to provide more than one accessible means of entry provided that the accessible means of entry is a swimming pool lift complying with 1009.2, a sloped entry complying with 1009.3, or a transfer system complying with 1009.5.
  1. Catch pools shall not be required to provide an accessible means of entry provided that the catch pool edge is on an accessible route.

Advisory 242.2 Swimming Pools. Where more than one means of access is provided into the water, it is recommended that the means be different. Providing different means of access will better serve the varying needs of people with disabilities in getting into and out of a swimming pool. It is also recommended that where two or more means of access are provided, they are not provided in the same location in the pool. Different locations will provide increased options for entry and exit, especially in larger pools.

242.3 Wading Pools. At least one accessible means of entry shall be provided for wading pools. Accessible means of entry shall comply with sloped entries complying with 1009.3.

242.4 Spas. At least one means of entry shall be provided for spas. Accessible means of entry shall comply with swimming pool lifts complying with 1009.2; transfer walls complying with 1009.4; or transfer systems complying with 1009.5.

In addition, your HOA can avoid any requirement to comply with the ADA pool accessibility standards by permitting only residents and their guests to utilize the pool facility.

Spa – Hot Tub Additions

Family Pools Inc can help you turn your swimming pool into a pool spa combo with water feature add ons that create a waterfall effect in your pool. Please do not hesitate to ask us for a quote. We can handle the drafting and the heavy lifting required to add a spa to an existing swimming pool.

Things to consider when adding a spa to a swimming pool . You will need a heater if you want it to be a hot tub. It’s a good idea to install some type of automatic control system to operate the valves. It’s tough to figure out how to run it in the dark. Figure out how many people you want to use it and size it according. Light it up with a color changing LED light feature. Make sure you have a proper step going into the spa. These few items may seem rudimentary but you really want to check the paperwork.

You can also add a spa / jacuzzi that is not connected to the swimming pool. This will require a full set of equipment unlike adding a spa to an existing swimming pool that shares the circulation system of the main pool. This spa would not spill into your existing swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Resurface Layers – Be Smart

The key to any lasting project that involved applying a coating would be proper prepared foundation. This is true for the swimming pool plaster application resurface job. It would be impossible to determine what condition of the existing surface looks like from the view of the deck and the swimming pool filled with water and how many times its been resurfaced without removal of the prior layers.

 For this reason our team includes a set amount of prep work included. Unless otherwise noted.  We can get a better grasp of the condition of your existing pool structure when emptied. General rule of thumb is we can resurface the pool no more than twice. The original coat and one additional. The third time we have to chip out the entire pool surface and start over with a first cote again.  Please feel free to call us for your free estimate on swimming pool surfaces such as Diamond Brite , Wet-Edge, Pebble Tec, Florida Stucco, Premix Marbletite , and CLI Industries.

Adding Chemicals to your pool

As the caretaker of a pool, how are you supposed to know how much chemicals to add to your pool? Most pool test kits come supplied with booklets, including charts to find adjustment criteria so that you are knowledgeable on what and how much chemicals to add to your pool. If you are lacking a booklet that supplies this criterion, the chemical that you are adding to your pool typically gives dosage recommendations. There are also apps such as “Insta-Link Water Testing” apps, this app use special strips and takes a photo of the test strip, then tells you exactly what chemicals you need to add!

There are many methods and ways to ensure you are adequately supplying your pool with the correct chemicals!

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