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Florida Winters- How to Maintenance your Pool

Florida is known as the “Sunshine State”, however, when temperatures begin to lower from December on we do experience colder temperatures. Today I am going to inform you what steps you need to take to ensure your pool is properly taken care of, as well as tips to make sure you get the most use out of your pool.



  • Clean your pool as usual


  1. Clean the filter of your pool and continue to vacuum it as normal, although you begin to use your pool less frequently in colder months, it is still important to continue your usual cleaning routine.


  • Prevent algae build-up


  1. Due to fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions in Florida, it leaves pools prone to algae build-up. It is important to test the water and keep it circulating through the winter months. You can test your pools water chemicals in order to ensure that they are adequately balanced, and adjust them as needed. You should also run your pools circulation pump for 4 to 6 hours per day for optimum circulation.


  • Monitor water levels


  1. Winter months in Florida equate to less rainy days, and the water in your pool will begin to evaporate. Water within your pool can evaporate as quickly as 1-2 inches per week, keep an eye on your pool levels and continue to fill it with additional water as necessary.


  • Use a swimming pool cover


  1. Although it may seem unnecessary, investing in a swimming pool cover will help to reduce some of the cleaning, filtering, and chemical chores. There are different types of covers that you may consider looking into such as a standard winter cover, mesh cover, solid vinyl cover, and an automatic cover. The type you choose to invest in will vary based on the needs you are looking to fulfill.


  • Invest in a pool heater


  1. Investing in a pool heater is the best way to get optimal use of your pool year round. It is important to be educated on different types of heaters to make the best decision on what one is best for you.
      1. Heat pumps: these are most useful for large bodies of water such as a large-sized pool, they will allow you to heat your pool in a more cost-effective way.
      2. Gas heaters: these use more energy than heat pumps and are typically used in smaller bodies of water such as hot tubs or spas.


Jillian Russo- Guest Blogger