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What you need to know about Salt Water Pools

When you hear the word salt water you immediately think of the Florida ocean. However, pools can also have salt water, and they offer a variety of benefits. When investing in a pool it is important to weigh the pros and cons of saltwater pools vs. chlorine pools to decide what is best for you.


A difference worth noting for saltwater pools is the number of reduced chloramines contained in the water. Chloramine is a by-product of oxidation and is the main cause for eye irritation, as well as that pungent chlorine scent we are all familiar with. Having reduced chloramines in a saltwater pool serves as a prime advantage alone. Saltwater pool systems use a process known as “electrolysis”, through this process the water is able to produce only enough chlorine to disinfect the water, unlike chlorine pools which require constant vigilance to kill excess bacteria within the water. In addition to having less eye irritation and no pungent smell, saltwater pools are also known for being better for your skin and hair, and they also require less maintenance than traditional pool systems.


Negative drawbacks of saltwater pools are the heightened initial investment,  and special equipment you will need to purchase for your pool, the set up is more expensive but within a few years, they pay for themselves. Spending the extra dollars in the early days will pay off!


Jillian Russo Guest Blogger