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How to compare Pool Companies and Prices Part 1

I have been in the In Ground Pool business for years in all aspects of the projects from bidding to completion of projects.I do follow up with leads and get allot of feedback on pricing and sales performance. I understand because it’s tough from a consumer’s standpoint to know who is telling you the truth when you have Swimming Pool Companies at you residence.


Let’s start with the first aspect of comparing prices.The most important is the company. Does the pool company you are looking at do business from their home? Do they have staff that answers the phone? Do they have a warranty-service department? Are they insured and hold a local and state license? If they have insurance , what are the coverages(Min 1 mill)? How many years are they in business operating as the company they represent (Not worked for others)? These basic questions rule out the swimming pool companies that are practicing the pool business. It’s impossible for companies that are legitimate to be the same price as the fly by night companies operating from their homes. To compare prices the companies must me chosen wisely. After all , do you really want to wonder if the company will be around when you need them for an issue down the road? The costs to do business with a reputable company are more. It’s just that way in all aspects of life. There is no way a good company can operate on a shoestring budget and stay in business for long. Remember there is a reason last time you went to the car dealer and bought what you did. You did your research and found a dealership you trust with a service department you can use. I can not understand why some people loose all rational when picking a contractor then wonder why their project made the news channel for being left not complete. Be smart is all I can say .;


Once you picked your contractors it’s time to start bidding the swimming pool products and services for your in ground pool construction or renovation project. You have to make sure all the products are the same you are looking at. You can not compare prices for different plans and sizes of swimming pools and expect to make a rational decision. Look at the details such as the interior plaster the company is using. PebbleTec / Wet-Edge would be more than Diamond Brite or Florida Gem. Some companies include standards that others do not . Look at the allowances for the products you are getting. It’s a common trick to include very basic items like tile and Pool Deck Surfaces.After the contract is signed you realize you are paying more at selection time so pick your selections pre purchase.