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Swimming Pool Surface Warranties or Warranties in General

A few words about swimming pool surface warranties. A lifetime warranty is not a guarantee . I see some of my potential customers tell me that someone else gave them a lifetime warranty on their proposal. You may or may not realize that means nothing. Its unrealistic to expect a swimming pool interior surface to last forever. Case law in Florida determined that a lifetime is 7 years for swimming pools surfaces. Those warranties are sales tactics for the naive and cover only defects in materials and not the life of the swimming pool surface. Its common practice for the manufacturer’s to void them for just a small variation in chemical balance.


Do your home work and hire a contractor with a track record of successfully completing pool projects and many larger Municipality jobs that fly by night companies can not bid because they are not bondable. We at Family Pools have been doing projects for over 30 years now and back our projects with our reputation, blood , and sweat. We give out the paper warranties also but we will be here for the long haul and answer our phone with any warranty calls.