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Swimming Pool Plaster Resurface – With Pebble Myths

I get a lot of questions after quoting a pebble interior (Wet-Edge) product for the Swimming Pool Plaster Resurface. Potential customers will ask their friends or neighbors about pebble and they will sometimes tell them it’s rough. I want to briefly explain the differences between Wet-Edge Pebble and other pebble interiors. Mostly because we sometimes get too technical with the customer and they can’t remember everything.

The Wet-Edge pebble is smoother than the standard exposed aggregate swimming pool interiors because of the round aggregate that its composed of and the type of installation. The installation process includes a strict compaction and pressure wash while they are still troweling the material that yields a smooth surface with very little cement product at the surface. It is far stronger and smooth but yet slip resistance. The standard pool interiors such as “Diamond Brite”, Florida Gem”, and Premix Marbletite Marquis” are all rough aggregate. The same stuff sand paper is made of.

Your friends have seen inferior pebble products that are less expensive. This is why they do not understand what we are offering. We suggest you actually visit some of our completed pools. We have a lot of the Wet-Edge installed in Municipality public swimming pools that you can easily visit. There are many products out that have rough aggregate that are called pebble. They are not installed by factory certified applicators / vested territory franchise holders for Wet-Edge. This means most other pebble products were slapped on with rougher rock. We use only the best applicator using the best material. This is important because you are getting a quality job. Please do not hesitate to call us and utilize our expertise at your home for Swimming Pool Plaster Resurface

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