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State of the Florida Pool Industry (Florida Swimming Pool Association)

State of the Florida Pool Industry (April 2021)


Family Pools constantly works to follow industry guidelines & best practices, and dedicate resources to ensuring our customers jobs are completed as timely as possible.


Here is a letter that we received directly from The Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA) to further explain the state of the Florida pool industry:


The Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA) is a trade association for swimming pool contractors
and allied organizations such as manufacturers, distributors, related industry professionals and service


Throughout 2020 the pool industry stepped up to serve Floridians who were staying home and utilizing
their backyards more than ever. Interest in having a swimming pool soared, with a 23% increase in new
pool permits over the prior year, the largest single-year increase in more than a decade.
Simultaneously, manufacturing of equipment began seeing delays due to limits on personnel in
manufacturing facilities for compliance with social distancing protocols as well as longer delivery times
for overseas shipments.


In addition, the workforce of individuals who work in the swimming pool field is facing the same
challenges as other trades. Swimming pools are a product built by hand by many people and there is a
limited labor pool of qualified individuals.


The result of unforeseen demand, manufacturing delays and limited labor has resulted in a much longer
process for Florida homeowners wishing to build or renovate a swimming pool. It is common for a pool
builder to be scheduling new pool sales appointments several weeks or months in advance. Furthermore,
it could be six months or more before construction or remodeling work begins.


The FSPA encourages homeowners to do research when selecting a swimming pool contractor. The first
step should be to confirm the contractor is properly licensed by the state of Florida
( Secondly, be respectful of the external factors which will impact the
timeline of your swimming pool project.


The FSPA is thankful for a strong marketplace and optimistic that our members will meet the
expectations of their customers as we all continue to navigate these unusual times.


For more information, please visit the FSPA’s Website or contact them directly:


Florida Swimming Pool Association
2555 Porter Lake Drive, Suite 106
Sarasota, FL 34240
Phone: 800-548-6774