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Swimming Pool Repairs In Vero Beach

Family Pools Inc specialize in repair to swimming pools that are built from fiberglass, concrete, or Vinyl. Improper maintenance such as chemical imbalance and equipment failures can cause swimming pools to break down. Family Pools is your Vero Beach pool repair expert.


If you are not happy with your swimming pool in Vero Beach. Family Pools can remodel your swimming pool and perform the following Vero Beach Pool Repair.



Structural cracks are one item that can cause great hardship. There are a lot of them and most contractors misunderstand how to fix them. They automatically say they need staples. We have a proprietary technique at approaching the structural damage and fixing it properly. Not all cracks crack for the same reason. That is why you need our 30 plus years of Family Pools Incs experience.



You may just not like the way your swimming pool appears. We specialize in making old pools look new again. We also offer the latest in swimming pool surfaces. You will get an education on what’s available in the industry. Family Pools will go over the different swimming pool options available for Vero Beach pool repair. The standard exposed aggregate to Wet-Edge brand pebble. The warranty options along with the smoothness differences. Not all pebble pool interiors are the same. Ours use round stones and are not aggressive at all and smoother than the standard interior surfaces.



You may not like the tile in your swimming pool. We will guide you with your swimming pool repair in Vero Beach. The swimming pool tile is not created equal for many reasons. Some tile that is being sold in the industry does not belong in swimming pools and should not be used in them. Glass tile needs to be tempered so if it cracks you do not get shards in the swimming pool. We are experts in this field and offer consultation on products and services available in Vero Beach pool repair.

If you need your Swimming pool equipment replaced. Let us guide you on what types of pumps and filtration are available. You may want to have help at using your spa. We can add An automation system that lets you control your pool spa from your smartphone or wall of your home, a salt-chlorine generator to help sanitize the swimming pool, and add a heater to regulate the temperature for use past the normal season. Family Pools has the proper sizing for pools in Indian River County along with other parts of the state including Vero Beach Pool repair.