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Frequently Asked Questions

New Pool F.A.Q.

  • We’ve been in business for over 20 years!
  • A deposit may be required, depending on your project.
  • We use our own crews!
  • Pool costs vary. Cost depends on the location, condition of soil, size and complexity of features. Contact us to talk about your pool, your budget and how we can put it all together for you.
  • With today’s conveniences, owning a swimming pool and spa is easier than owning a car! Chemical testing and maintenance, cleaning and preprogrammed filtration and heating can all be automated if you choose to include these options during the construction phase. Automatic pool cleaners and various sanitation devices, along with an automatic cover make your swimming pool a pleasure to maintain.
  • Your pool will set your home apart from others in the mind of a potential buyer. A pool adds equity to the value of your home and quality to your home life. It is hard to put a price on that value.
  • An infinity edge is a pool or spa with one or more sides having a “negative edge,” meaning that it is even with the waters level in the pool. Water spills over the edge into a catch basin below, where it is pumped back into the pool or spa. The effect is absolutely breathtaking!
  • A spa adds a new dimension to your outdoor relaxation. The warm water is comforting for adults and children alike. A spa is a great way to add water features such as waterfalls and fiber optics.
  • The technology of today has made owning a swimming pool a true pleasure. When you add Innovative water treatment systems, automatic cleaning systems, remote controls and automatic pool covers you’re gaining more time for you and your family. Fiber optics, waterfalls, spas, water jets and tile or glass mosaics are just a few of the features that you could request to make your swimming pool uniquely your own.

RenovationĀ F.A.Q.

  • Remodeling your old swimming pool will make a dramatic difference in the overall look, as well as reducing the maintenance and energy costs to maintain you pool.
  • Any time of year, is fine. Keep in mind however you should not use a pool heater for 30 days after resurfacing. Your personal schedule for the use of the pool, and holidays as well as other events should be the biggest thought.
  • It is when a pool comes out of the ground. When a pool is empty, it is like an empty boat- the ground water pushes it up, some pop, others crack or shift. We are covered for this in our insurance.
  • It will depend on what product you choose and the local weather while the job is under way. Relax, we will keep you up to date.
  • SGM Bond Kote is a specially formulated two part cement coating, designed to be used as an ideal substrate to mechanically bond pool plaster over existing plaster finishes.
  • Yes we take all major credit cards and offer financing here.
  • Florida well water is not good for the new pool interior so we hire an independent contractor that delivers water tanks that filter your water crystal clear. This is needed so the plaster cures properly.
  • No we do not. We use your water supply. If you have bad water we will have filter tanks delivered that make the water clear.
  • Download our instruction sheet HERE