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Pool Planning

Pool construction is not just complicated and laborious task, in Family Pool Inc we make sure to pay attention to every detail, during every phase of your project, and are always willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have during that time. It is our intention to build a life-long relationship with every client, no matter how big or small the project is.

Remember that it can be dangerous for an inexperienced do it yourselfer do build a swimming pool. We specialize in the swimming pool business. Let us plan and build your pool so you can enjoy it when its done..

In Family pool, we consider all aspects of the pool before we start the project, including the shape, size and layout and other accessories such as the patio and landscape design, lighting, fountains, waterfalls, coping and even an attached pool spa. We always take care of these items at the beginning so it is lot less costly than adding them once the pool is built.

  • The cost of swimming pool depends on many factors like:

    1. Design and Shape of the Pool
    2. Construction Materials to build the Pool
    3. Time/Duration involved to build
    4. Equipment Rental for excavation
    5. Pool Features and accessories
    6. Permits and Licenses
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Other factors to consider in building swimming pool

Do you want all the sod replaced or can you wait for seed to grow?

Do you want to upgrade that pump to a variable speed pump?

Is there access for machinery to get into the area the pool and deck are going?

How much will additional landscaping cost?

How many people should you invite to the pool party?

What other accessories do I need and (i.e covers, decks, cleaner, t slides, etc.)

These are all good reasons to let Family Pools do the planning for you with our computer aided draming of the swimming pool area. We will answer all these questions and make sure when you throw that party your pool will look spectacular. Contact us now.