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Pool Lightning Systems

  • Prod_LED_IGP_lg
  • GP231& IGS54 edison-based led REPLACEMENT LAMPS FOR IN-GROUND POOL & SPA. Bi-post connector fits most sockets.
    Color Modes :
    • White only
    • Color Change – Colors transition from color to color, cycling through the color spectrum. Each color cycle take approximately 1 minute.
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Orange
    • Green
    • Hot Pink
    • Cyan
    • Blue/Green Mix
    • Party Mode™ – Multiple Colors transition quickly, cycling through the color spectrum.
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  • Pentair Led Lights

    A rainbow of breathtaking underwater lighting effects

    SAm for pools and SAL for spas— the first and still the brightest automatic color-changing halogen lights IntelliBrite — the brightest and most efficient underwater LED light available